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Johnids Interior Design Studio

As our slogan is ‘Your Home, Our Dreams’, at here Johnids Interior Design Studio, we have a team of designer which passionate to work on your dream house.

Johnids Interior Design Studio was founded by Mr. John Yee as interior design studio which located at Jalan Ong Yi How. After inheriting of furniture factory from the elders for 50 years, therefore the studio has provided a one-stop service for our customers.


Johnids Interior Design Studio is specialized in residential interior design and we offered the services on design, renovation, furnishing and site supervise. We also provided customize furniture from our own factory. We are welcomed you to visit us as our mission is to make your dream house comes true wholeheartedly with our profession.
Please don’t hesitate to contact us, 0115-763 6718.




专家设计公司是从长辈那里继承了数十年的家私工厂而创办的室内设计工作室, 工作室是由余专业先生所创立,工作室地点位于北海区Jalan Ong Yi How。我们拥有资历丰富的设计团队,提供专业的室内外装潢设计及现场管理的全面服务。


我们秉承着以“专为你家而设,一心一意完成你梦寐以求的家园” 为宗旨,依托优秀设计团队,不断为客户提供新颖有创意的设计方案。专家设计工作室备有自家家私工厂专为客户定制出专属的家私,为您提供一条龙的服务。




欲知详情,请联络,0115-763 6718

About Us

Our Vision
To be the preferred outstanding residential interior design & renovation brand in asia.


Our Mission
To empower our team and resources to create happy clients by performing at our best,joy with passion to achieve or try to beyond their expectation!.


Core Value of our company


our strong team members are responsible & accountable in providing the very professional,systematic of services & solution to our clients.


We believe in uplifting others, concentrate in keep improving product & services that we provide, also aware of any shortcomings, and creating solutions for any challenges that may come to us.



We love our profession,what we are doing and it shows in how we perform at work, how we communicate with everyone and how we serve our clients. with heart & enthusiasm.